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     Police Report Requests
Contact Police

St. Francis Police
4058 St. Francis Blvd NW
St. Francis, MN 55070

Emergency: 911

Phone: 763-753-1264
Dispatch: 763-427-1212

Hours: 6:00am- 4:30pm
(Monday - Friday)
Closed Monday and Fridays from 11:30-12:30

Criminal or Ordinance Concerns?
Contact Dispatch

Zoning Questions?

Contact City Hall

Police Reports/Requests for Information
Requests for information and/or copies of police reports may be obtained in person at the St Francis Police Department during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Closed on national holidays)

If you prefer, you also may fill out the online form found below.  This form will be sent to the Records Department where they will review your request and contact you via e-mail or phone. They will determine if your request is releasable, how much the fee will be and detailed info to submit your request with payment.  You may also contact our office at 763-753-1264 with questions or report requests.

First Name: *
Last Name: *
Telephone: *
Zip Code: (5 digits)
What type of report are
you requesting?
(Police, Accident or other):
If Other, please specify:
What is your relationship to
the data? Subject, Victim, Witness,
Attorney, Neighbor, or other:

If Other, please describe:
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